Heritage Grande | Oil-Fired Four-Oven Traditional Range

The Oil Fired Heritage Grande

Statement-Making Cooking & Home-Heating

The Grande is a statement piece. Measuring a colossal 1450mm wide, it has all the cooking space you need for the largest of dinner parties. This is our flagship cooker, hand-built in Cornwall.

Starting from only £12,950.00 inc. VAT

Grande Quadette

  • Royal Blue
  • Fir Green
  • Jade
  • Black
  • Pewter
  • Grey
  • Cream
  • Pearl
Royal Blue Fir Green Jade Black Pewter Grey Cream Pearl
  • Coral
  • Red
  • Aubergine
  • Pink
  • Wedgewood
  • Slate Blue
  • Duck Egg
  • Peacock
  • Pistachio
  • Sage
  • Yellow
  • White
Coral Red Aubergine Pink Wedgewood Slate Blue Duck Egg Peacock Pistachio Sage Yellow White

Cooker Only models

  • Hot Plates: 3

  • Ovens: 4

  • Burners: Single

  • Options: Griddle Plate or Ceramic Hob

Boiler Models

  • Burners: Twin

  • Ovens: 4

  • Boiler Sizes: 7

Coming Soon!

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Cooking with the Heritage


The Heritage Grande is designed to give you maximum cooking capability. Fast response, amazing heat-retention, the benefits of cooking with indirect heat, and a dedicated slow-roasting oven makes cooking with the Grande a dream. The Heritage Grande responds quickly; from cold, it is cooking within 25 minutes, a further 20 minutes and roasting temperatures are achieved in the main oven.

All four ovens are a generous 500mm deep, 345mm wide, and 270mm high and can take up to six standard trays (340mm x 190mm) or three large trays. The Grande comes with two hotplates and one larger square griddle plate on the left-hand side, or an optional two ring ceramic insert. Each hob takes three average saucepans, simmer (right hand) or boiling (left hand) for extra capacity and versatility.

During the colder months, the cooker burner can be switched to ‘continuous’ for a constant background warmth in the kitchen and fast response times. In warmer weather the ‘timed mode’ on your Heritage Grande keeps things fuel and cost efficient, but still responsive.

...designed to give you maximum cooking capability...

  • Heating with the Grande

    With the ability to heat up to 25 average size radiators and provide plenty of hot water, the Grande won’t leave you in the cold.

    Heating with the Grande

    The Grande can be paired with a variety of modern heating systems including underfloor, conventional radiators, and solar cylinders – talk to our technical team to find out the right system for you.

    Heritage boilers are non-condensing but highly efficient and cost effective; especially when it comes to end-of-life replacements. Combined with a modern thermostatic heating timer, or an optional Wi-Fi connected internet timer, you’ll have efficient and stress-free control of your home heating.

    There are six different output high efficiency boiler models available for pairing with the Heritage Grande. The original Heritage heavy tubed boiler with Sterling burner is a well proven combination. All tubed boiler efficiencies are verified to E.C. standards.

    Heritage offers the widest choice of flues available for your convenience. The Grande will work with either a conventional flue which can be connected into a chimney with a lining, a prefabricated sectional system, a fan flue, or a low-level fan flue (rear flue option).

  • Built to Last

    The Heritage Grande range cooker is hand-built, and hand finished in our workshops in Cornwall using a combination of cast iron, heavy section steel and quality ceramics for durability and high levels of heat retention.

    Built to Last

    We’ve sourced components of the highest quality from the best brands like Honeywell, Bentone, Danfoss, and Sterling to ensure a long life and easy servicing.

Additional Information

Model Specific Information

Cooker Model Output (BTU) Ovens Radiators*
Grande Quadette Cooking Only 4 N/A
Grande Host 8-15,000 4 Hot Water
Grande Duette 40 40,000 4 4-8
Grande Duette 60 60,000 4 9-12
Grande Duette 80 80,000 4 12-16
Grande Duette 100 96,000 4 16-20
Grande Duette 120 120,000 4 20-25

Price List

Cooker Model From
Grande Quadette £12,950.00 inc. VAT
Grande Host £15,700.00 inc. VAT
Grande Duette 40 £16,275.00 inc. VAT
Grande Duette 60 £16,650.00 inc. VAT
Grande Duette 80 £16,750.00 inc. VAT
Grande Duette 100 £17,150.00 inc. VAT
Grande Duette 120 £17,700.00 inc. VAT

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All prices including VAT at current rate.


Heritage Range Cooker lightweight chrome lids on a Black Standard cooker.

Chrome Lids

Lightweight chrome lids available on all models.

Trim & Fittings

Brass trim & fittings option on all models.

Central Heating

High efficiency boiler option on selected models.

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