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Oil-Fired Range Cookers

Fuel-Efficient Heating and Cooking for the Home

Heritage’s oil-fired range cookers combine the classic looks of a traditional range with modern forced combustion jet burners for responsive and efficient home-cooking and home-heating.

"Had our range for about 10 years now, absolutely love it" One of our Google Reviews

Our oil-fired range cookers run on modern, efficient fuels...

They might share some of the same good looks as the ancient Aga your gran had, but a Heritage Range Cooker is anything but old-fashioned when it comes to fuel efficiency. We’ve designed the Heritage Range Cooker from the ground up and sourced components from the best brands to ensure your oil-fired range is as fuel-efficient as possible. Oil-fired Heritage Range Cookers can run on different fuels including kerosene, diesel, and biofuels.


One of the main advantages of an oil-fired range cooker compared to our electric range cookers is the potential for combining it with a boiler system. Depending on the model, Heritage Range Cookers can produce from 35,000 to 120,000 BTU’s – that’s enough heating potential for 25 radiators! Not only can they heat the entire home, but they also provide plenty of hot water without compromising on the cooking.

The Heritage works well with a variety of modern heating systems including underfloor heating, conventional radiators, and even solar cylinders. We’ve chosen non-condensing boilers for their improved lifespan that makes them more cost efficient for you when it comes to end-of-life replacements. Modern thermostats and the option for a Wi-Fi connected timer promise even more heating-efficiency and convenience.


Not only are Heritage Range Cookers incredibly efficient at keeping in the heat, they’re also excellent at trapping in moisture and flavour for that distinctive and delicious range-cooked taste. Our oil-fired options go from the single-oven Uno to the four-oven Grande. Improved response times means roasting from cold in as little as 25 minutes, and hotplate’s ready to go in as little as 5 minutes. Once at heat, set the thermostat to the desired temperature and your Heritage will be ready to cook in an instant.

The full-size ovens in all Heritage Range Cookers are an impressive 500mm deep, 345mm wide, and 270mm high – ensuring there’s enough space for party-hosting and Sunday-roasting. On top, the hotplates are extra-large with space for up to three pans and dedicated zones for boiling and simmering.

If you’re getting a Grande then the option of a built-in griddle plate or ceramic hob and even a dedicated slow roaster, adds to the cooking potential of your oil-fired Heritage Range Cooker.

Our Oil Fired Range Cookers