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Made in Cornwall.

Loved Countrywide.

Made in Cornwall

Loved Countrywide.

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Heritage Range Cookers, Cornwall

Tradition & Technology for The Heart of Your Home

From the slim-fit Uno that’s as suitable for a cosy cottage as it is a houseboat, to our statement-making four-oven Grande, Heritage Range Cookers have been at the heart of homes across the country for more than two decades. Each of our oil-fired or electric range cookers are hand built in Cornwall and combine timeless style, modern technology and materials designed to last generations. 

Pair your Heritage Range Cooker to your dream country-kitchen with classic brass or nickel fittings and colours that range from an ooh-la-la Oxford Blue to an eye-catching Claret. The time-tested radiant heat ovens are designed to partner with modern Heritage-built boilers and even Wi-Fi connected central heating thermostats to make your Heritage Range Cooker the star of the kitchen and the heating source for even the grandest home.  

Our story was inspired by Cornwall’s rich mining history and town foundries that originated the Cornish Range – the most ornate and efficient heating and cooking ranges in the country. Nearly 200 years later, the spirit of the original Cornish Range lives on in our Heritage Range Cookers. 

Quality & reliability are our focus....leaving you to think about the timing.

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Why Choose a Heritage?

  • At Home in Every Kitchen – From the 500mm wide Uno to the 1450mm wide Grande, there’s a model fit for your kitchen. We have nine different models to choose from across our oil-fired and electric ranges. 
  • A Classic Exterior with A Modern Heart – Heritage Range Cookers combine the solid build of a traditional range cooker with modern forced combustion burners, high-tech thermostats, and the ultimate level of control.  
  • Your Range, Your Choice – Each Heritage Range Cooker is hand built for your needs. Options include oil-fired and electric, and a colour palette to suit every taste. 
  • Hassle-Free Heating – Choose an oil-fired Heritage with a modern integrated boiler system and have enough heating potential for up to 25 radiators. 
  • The Taste of Heritage –Our moisture-and-flavour-trapping design, increased roasting and hotplate capacity, and fast response times promise perfect home cooking. 
  • Designed to Last and Last – We use premium materials, components from leading manufacturers, and a time-tested design. Our technicians can help you with everything from repairs to recipe book suggestions.  
A delicious slow roasted joint can be cooked in a range cooker

Better Cooking with Heritage

Transform your home cooking with radiant heat efficiency, improved levels of control, more cooking capacity, and the showstopping design of a Heritage Range Cooker. The magic behind that familiar range-cooked taste starts with the principles of cooking with indirect heat. While other ovens use direct heat that can dry out your meals, the advantage of a Heritage Range Cooker is constant temperatures and superior heat-retention for mouthwatering meals with more moisture and flavour. The Heritage Range Cooker’s traditional exterior is complemented by modern internals sourced from leading manufacturers in thermostatic control and efficient burner technology. Each Heritage Range Cooker is custom built for your kitchen with options for dedicated slow-cooking ovens, induction hobs, built in griddle plates, and more.

Heating Your Home with Heritage

The joy of a Heritage Range Cooker goes beyond the perfect roast dinner. The option for easy integration with a selection of high-output boilers can transform a Heritage Range Cooker into a hassle-free heating system for your entire home. All our oil-fired ranges are designed to be paired with a selection of integrated non-condensing boilers to provide central heating, water heating, and even underfloor heating for all sizes of home. Cutting-edge thermostat technology ensure heating is degree-perfect throughout the home and timed for when you need it most. Even our smallest range, the Uno, can heat up to five radiators, while the impressive Grande has the potential for heating 25 radiators without compromising the home’s hot water supply or the cooking efficiency of the range.