Heritage FAQ's

We've included answers to our most frequently asked questions here...

But if there's something we've missed, please get in touch with us and we'll answer you personally.
  • Oil Fired Range Cookers
    • Does cooking taste the same in all Range Cookers?

      Yes all traditional Ranges cook food in the same way whether they are the continuous burning type or the latest high efficiency models. However, modern designs such as the Heritage are controllable, efficient and easy to use.

    • How quickly does the Heritage heat up from cold?

      Depending upon the model the hot plates are hot in approximately 10 minutes and the ovens approximately 20-40 minutes from cold (model dependant). The central heating is as quick in response as most non condensing central heating boilers.

    • Can a central heating Heritage run an existing system?

      Yes, provided the system is well designed and installed, a Heritage operates in the same manner as a central heating boiler. (Modifications may need to be made to the system controls to meet modern energy efficiency regulations).

    • Are there cooking only models?

      Yes, each size Heritage has a cooker only version; from the single-oven Uno to the 5 oven Grande. They are controlled either manually or via a timer and can be left on at any temperature or even switched off when not being used in hot weather.

    • Are they noisy?

      We believe the Heritage is the quietest modern pressure jet range cooker available today due to its high level of insulation, exceptional build quality and many clever technical design features. Our customers have often commented about the warm “purring sound” that they find reassuring!

    • Will my local installer be able to fit a Heritage?

      Yes, provided your engineer is qualified. We are pleased to offer a technical advisory service and to avoid putting his back out of joint we will deliver the Heritage assembled into position (subject to access and assistance). Please ask for an installation manual in advance for your engineer. If access is difficult your Heritage can be built on site (cost on application).

    • Are they controllable?

      A modern traditional style range like the Heritage can cook, provide hot water and central heating efficiently all at once. Any function can be selected without affecting the performance of the others because modern burners are extremely powerful but completely controllable.

    • Can hot water be mains pressure?

      Yes, provided the system is correctly installed and the mains cold water supply is capable of delivering adequate pressure and flow of water, which will need to be via an unvented type cylinder.

    • Will they operate on Bio Diesels?

      As suitable bio diesel becomes commercially available in your area please contact us for further information about their use in your Heritage. Already each Heritage is dispatched ready to be set for 28 or 35 sec oils for maximum versatility. (Any alterations need to be carried out by a qualified OFTEC engineer)

    • Do Heritage Ranges have condensing boilers?

      Already Heritage boilers are highly efficient. The very small advantage of a condensing boiler over the current Heritage high efficiency boiler has to be weighed against costs and technical considerations. Please ask for technical advice.

    • What are the running costs for a Range?

      The cost of running a modern traditional Heritage Range is approximately the same as running an independent boiler and separate cooker. Each installation has to be evaluated on usage and the property; often with the resulting changes in lifestyle when purchasing a Range cooker it is possible to save on energy consumption