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Frequently Asked Questions

Heritage Range Cookers FAQs

From cooking to heating and from the installation to the warranty, we’ve put together a selection of our most frequently asked questions to help you find out more about Heritage Range Cookers.

If your question isn’t answered, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email and we’ll get in touch.

Range Cookers

  • What are the benefits of a range cooker?

    Behind the eye-catching exterior, a high-quality hand-built range cooker offers improved durability and a more versatile cooking experience compared to traditional modern ovens. Size options available from Heritage include a four oven Grande with dedicated ovens for different cooking needs.

    A traditional range uses indirect heat from all surfaces at the same time for a gentle cooking process that leaves food with more moisture and more flavour. The large hotplates offer increased capacity for saucepans and other hob applications. Electric Heritage Range Cookers run off a 13amp socket while the oil-fired ranges can be integrated with a boiler system for hot water, central heating, and even underfloor heating.

  • What is the benefit of the large hotplate on a range cooker?

    The large surface area of a hotplate on a traditional range makes it easier to have multiple pans using the heat at the same time. The Heritage Range Cooker includes electric options with enhanced controllability and oil-fired options with dedicated boiling and simmering zones on the hotplates.

  • Why do the hotplates have a cover?

    The covers are insulated to trap in the heat from the hotplate and as a built-in safety feature. Once your Heritage Range Cooker is on and at temperature the hotplates can provide instant heat; simply lift the cover and choose between dedicated simmering and boiling zones.

  • What colours are Heritage Range Cookers available in?

    All Heritage Range Cookers are available in a selection of either Standard or Optional colours. Colours in the Standard lineup include classics like Oxford Blue, British Racing Green, Jade, Cream, Pewter, and a matt or gloss Black. The Optional colours range includes more adventurous statement-making choices like Pistachio, Yellow, Wedgewood, Duck Egg Blue, Aubergine, and more. Whatever colour you choose it’s designed for durability to ensure your Heritage keeps its good looks.

  • Where are Heritage Range Cookers made?

    We are proud to hand build every Heritage in our workshop in Liskeard, Cornwall. Inspired by the pioneering Cornish Range, we’ve been designing, building, and distributing range cookers for more than 20 years. We source components from the best suppliers, and where possible choose small British businesses with a reputation for quality to ensure you get the best possible build quality and after-sales support.

  • Are Heritage Range Cookers the same as an Aga?

    The traditional Aga design is synonymous with classic British kitchens. At Heritage Range Cookers we aim to provide a hand-built alternative which offers increased cooking capacities and dimensions, and personalised service by a team of experts. Heritage Range Cookers are in farmhouses, townhouses and even house boats across the UK and offer all the benefits of a traditional range, with high-tech internals that make them easier to use, more eco-friendly, and more efficient.

  • Can a Heritage Range Cooker be used for home heating?

    Yes. One of the main advantages of an oil-fired range is the ability to integrate it with a boiler and central heating system for your home. All our oil-fired ranges can be used for home heating with the potential to heat from 5 to 25 radiators at the same time as providing efficient cooking, kitchen heating, and hot water.

  • Does cooking taste the same in all Heritage Range Cookers?

    Yes. All traditional range cookers cook food in the same way, whether they are the continuous burning type or the latest high efficiency models. At Heritage we’ve combined the classic exterior and heat-retaining materials that make range cookers so desirable with modern technology that makes them easier to use, more energy efficient and provide an enhanced level of control.

Oil Fired Range Cookers

  • How quickly does a Heritage Range Cooker heat up from cold?

    Depending on the model, cooking temperatures will be reached in 10 minutes for the hotplates and between 20-40 minutes for the ovens. Central heating systems are designed for a quick response when integrated with our recommended high-efficiency non-condensing boilers.

  • Can I grill and toast on a Heritage Range Cooker?

    Yes. The hob cover is perfect for delicious toasting, and you can grill in the roasting oven in 15-20 minutes from cold.

  • Can a Heritage Range be integrated with an existing system?

    Yes. Provided the system is well designed and correctly installed our Heritage Ranges operate in the same manner as a standard central heating boiler. Depending on the system installed in your home, modifications may be needed to ensure energy efficiency regulations are adhered to.

  • Can I buy a Heritage for cooking only, not heating?

    Yes, each size of Heritage Range has a cooker only version; from the single-oven Uno to the four-oven Grande. They are controlled either manually or via a timer, can be left on at any temperature, or switched off when not being used in hot weather.

  • Are Heritage Range Cookers noisy?

    We believe the Heritage Range is one of the quietest modern pressure jet range cookers on the market. The high level of insulation, exceptional build quality, externally routed air intake, and clever design features ensure it sounds as good as it looks. Customers often comment on the reassuring and warm “purring” from their Heritage Range.

  • Will my local installer be able to fit a Heritage Range?

    Yes, provided your engineer is qualified. We are pleased to assist your installer with technical advice, and we’ll deliver the Heritage assembled and in position to make their job easier. Where access is difficult, we can also arrange in-home assembly of your Heritage Range. An installation manual can be provided for your engineer.

  • Can you control the heating and cooking on a range cooker?

    Our Heritage Range Cookers are designed for the modern home with a high level of controllability. Heritage Range Cookers can cook, provide hot water, and heat your home at the same time without affecting individual performance of each requirement. The modern burners on the cooker are extremely powerful and efficient and offer an enhanced level of control.

  • Can a Heritage Range Cooker work with underfloor heating?

    Yes. Depending on your underfloor heating system, Heritage Range Cookers can integrate effectively and efficiently. Please take professional advice before installing or connecting to an underfloor heating system.

  • Can the hot water be mains pressure?

    Yes, provided the system is correctly installed and the mains cold water supply is capable of delivering adequate pressure and flow of water, which will need to be via an unvented type cylinder.

  • Can Heritage Range Cookers operate on biodiesel?

    Heritage Range Cookers are currently set for maximum versatility with 28 or 35 second oils. For more information about compatibility with biodiesel, please contact us. Any alterations to ensure fuel compatibility will need to be carried out by a qualified OFTEC engineer.

  • Can Heritage Range Cookers operate on HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil)?

    HVO has been tested on many varieties of modern boilers, and Heritage Range Cookers have been proven on many biofuels, please speak to our technical dept for more information.

  • Do Heritage Ranges have condensing boilers?

    Heritage boilers are designed for high heating efficiency and have integrated long-life non-condensing boilers for the best results. Costs and technical implications should be factored in when considering a condensing boiler over a non-condensing boiler. For more information, please contact our technical team.

  • Can a Heritage Range be linked to other appliances?

    Yes, but with linked systems the installer must be familiar with the installations and controls available to achieve effective performance.

  • Is installation included in the cost of a Heritage Range Cooker?

    No, installation is quoted separately. Please contact us or your preferred installer to find out more about installation costs.

  • What is the warranty on Heritage Range Cookers?

    Heritage Range Cookers are designed to last and made of premium materials with time-tested durability. We provide a two-year warranty on parts, a five-year warranty on boilers if fitted with a magnetic system filter, and a one-year on-site labour warranty within mainland UK.

  • What are the running costs for a Heritage Range?

    The cost of running a Heritage Range is approximately the same as running an independent boiler and separate cooker. Property fuel usage and the specific installation requirements need to be evaluated, however when comparing a Heritage Range Cooker like-for-like with an equivalent Aga or wick burning appliance, savings of 40-60% are often reported from existing customers. Please phone to discuss with our dedicated sales and technical team.

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