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"It looks beautiful and never fails to impress visitors. However, the real joy is cooking and keeping warm reliably. Basically, we love it!" Read Andrew & Wendy's story...

Fine Cooking, a Delight
Baking, grilling, slow roasting – whatever your cooking style / mood / requirements, a Heritage makes fine cooking a delight. Enjoy that traditional range-cooked taste!

In summer, when many other range cookers are let out for the season, the Heritage can be roasting from cold in twenty five minutes*, (hot plate response five to ten minutes*) or alternatively can be allowed to tick-over at any temperature you choose. Even with the lids raised, heat in the ovens remains evenly distributed, at the set temperature and unparalleled levels of insulation ensures that heat retention is in a class of its own. The dimensions of all Heritage ovens are based on an original sixty year old design, the proportions of which ensures perfect home cooking.

*Time depends on model

Lashings of Hot Water
Summer or Winter, you can be sure there will be lashings of hot water. Whichever size Heritage you choose there’s a boiler option to suit your needs.